Intellectual Property forms the cornerstone building block of all successful businesses. Intellectual property is a niche area providing important tools for business positioning. With the right strategies in place, it increases benefit and assists in achieving a competitive advantage.

Established in 1976, Flansberry Menard & Associates (FMA) is a successful multi-disciplinary Intellectual Property agency, based in Canada’s National Capital.

We offer precise expert advice, tailored end-to-end branding strategies, and a broad range of Intellectual Property disciplines. Our clients comprise private investors, manufacturing companies, sports clubs, and global brands, just to name a few.

Flansberry Menard & Associates has established a strong reputation in all areas of Intellectual Property law, and other ancillary legal services such as corporate and commercial law, and litigation matter. We specialise in many areas, including Trade-marks, Industrial Design, Patents, and Copyright, together with Intellectual Property transactions, technology transfer and licensing.

We have come together to provide high quality expertise and Intellectual Property advisory services. We relentlessly work in order to ensure a seamless and comprehensive service, for the commercial benefit of our clients.


Our Approach

Flansberry Menard & Associates has a unique personality, which distinguishes us from law firms, based on a strong commitment to excellence.

We differentiated our approach by meeting clients’ needs in both relevant and cost-effective manner. We take the time to understand our clients’ business and needs then we ensure the implementation of an Intellectual Property strategy that matches their goals. We provide cost estimates in advance of each stage of the process to avoid any surprises. The majority of our services are based on fixed fees and we have the flexibility to tailor a fee structure to suit our clients’ needs.

By implementing our clients’ well tailored Intellectual Property strategy, in well defined stages, makes the planning and decisions-making flawless. We update you on every step of the process.

With a fast growing global marketplace Flansberry Menard & Associates’ services also have a global reach. We protect and enforce any Intellectual Property rights in Canada and abroad, by servicing our clients’ to an international level due to our strong network of overseas associates. Our international associates share a like-minded attitude and core beliefs in client approach, cost efficiency and reliability. Moreover, it allows Flansberry Menard & Associates to manage and protect your Intellectual Property portfolio worldwide.


Why Choose Us?

  • Flansberry Menard & Associates accommodate most of our clients by providing a ‘flat fee’ services.
  • We are compelled to provide efficient and effective services, in a timely manner.
  • Our motto is “great service, reasonable fees”. We do not guarantee that we are the “cheapest” at all times for all items.
  • We guarantee that you receive great service, great value, and great satisfaction.

Follett, you might not know this but you`ve truly helped me data become the person I am today.