We provide strategic guidance to protect and leverage our clients’ valuable assets. Our philosophy is that each client is unique. We, therefore, tailor our services to each client differently.

Flansberry Menard and Associates works with clients to take early and effective action to protect the engine of their business before any potential issues arise. We serve and advise a wide range of clients with business interests in Canada, the United States and throughout the world, in various industry sectors, including manufacturing, construction, alcoholic beverages, clothing, advertising/marketing and educational sectors, etc…

At Flansberry Menard and Associates, we can help you enforce your Intellectual Property rights that are critical to protecting your most valuable assets.

In today’s fast growing environment, innovation is critical and time-to-market is crucial. We are dedicated to providing efficient, cost-effective representation, and we take pride in offering expertise across the Intellectual Property law spectrum and business, corporate and commercial law.

A central part of our practice is filing application and obtaining registration efficiently. We take the time to provide a comprehensive preliminary infringement and registrability searches, so as to anticipate and avoid any problems and potential litigation.

In regards to business, corporate and commercial law, we further perform due diligence investigations, prepare purchase and sale documents and all relevant closing documentations, as well as draft licensing, assignment confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.



A patent provides you, as inventor, with the exclusive monopoly right to manufacture, sell and use your patented invention. Therefore, patenting your invention is critical to your success.

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Your trade-mark is the most important and valuable asset of your business. It differentiates you from your competitors by branding your products or services with specific character and quality.

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A copyright provides protection for a literary, artistic, dramatic, or musical work. Industrial design consists in the visual features of shape, configuration, pattern, or ornament of an article.

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In today’s highly competitive marketplace, business is becoming increasingly complex and competitive. We provide comprehensive and innovative business solutions.

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