The copyright process consists of the following steps:
In order to avoid and spend unwarranted money and time, a preliminary search is necessary to find out whether or not a similar works exist and have been registered, to determine whether an application should be filed, to avoid any kind of infringement action and rejection of your application.
Once the preliminary search is completed and we are comfortable with the findings, we will draft, prepare and file your application. The following information is required in an application to register your copyrighted work:

  • The title of the work must identify a single work;
  • The Category of the work, being either:
    • Literary include works consisting of text such as books, pamphlets, lectures, translations, computer programs etc.
    • Musical include works of music or musical composition with or without words, including compilations of musical works.
    • Artistic include works such as paintings, drawings, maps, charts, plans, photographs, engravings, illustrations, sketches, sculptures, works of artistic craftsmanship, architectural works, and compilations of artistic works.
    • Dramatic include any piece for recitation, choreographic work or mime, cinematographic works and compilations of dramatic works, namely, screenplays, scripts, plays, and motion picture films.
  • Whether your work has been published, along with the date and place of first publication;
  • The name and complete mailing address of the owner and author of the work;
  • A declaration that the applicant is the author and/or owner of the copyrighted work; and
  • The prescribed fees.

Once your application is filed, we expect to receive your registration certificate within a month, depending on the backlog.

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